Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Filing of tax return and payment of corporate taxes in Japan

A corporation must file a final tax return for corporate tax, corporate inhabitant tax and enterprise tax on its income within two months from the day following the last day of each taxable year. An extension of the deadline for filing the final return may be requested, with approval from the director of the tax office, when the entity is unable to file the tax return, by the reason of the accounting audit and other unavoidable reasons. Calculated tax must also be paid within the said two months period. The payment deadline will not be extended even if the deadline for the return were formally approved; interest and overdue tax, which are deductible expenses, for the extended period are imposed in this case.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Japan Tax Treaties

Japan has concluded tax treaties with many countries for the purposes of avoiding double taxation of global income and preventing tax evasion. Provisions of tax treaties supersede those of domestic law. In determining Japan tax liability of individuals and corporations domiciled in a country with which Japan has a tax treaty, taxable income under Japanese law may at times be amended to accord with these tax treaties. Provisions have also been established in Japan for reducing the tax on, or exempting from tax, various types of income sourced in Japan.