Friday, September 20, 2013

What is “Re-entry permission” to Japan?

Re-entry means a foreign national residing in Japan leaves Japan temporarily and re-enters Japan with the same Status of Residence as before. Under this system, the foreign national who legally holds “Re-entry permission” stamp on the passport before leaving Japan does not need to apply for another entry Visa at a Japanese diplomatic mission abroad prior to re-entering Japan. In other words, if you are departing Japan without holding this Re-entry permission, you will not be able to return to Japan without obtaining new Visa.

Types of Re-entry permission
There are two types of Re-entry permits: single, which allows only one re-entry into Japan during the period of validity, and multiple, with which one can leave and re-enter Japan any number of times during the period of validity. Multiple is suited for those who must travel back and forth between Japan and the other countries. However, it is not possible to obtain the Re-entry permission exceeding the permitted period of stay in Japan. And, persons staying in Japan on Temporary Visitor Status of Residence are not normally eligible for Re-entry permission.

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