Thursday, September 19, 2013

Relationship between operation types and Status of Residence in Japan

A foreign company can establish a business presence in Japan in one of three ways: Representative Office, Branch or Subsidiary company. One of the most frequently asked questions is the relationship between each type of operation and the Status of Residence. In general, they can be summarized as follows:

 Representative of Representative Office ---- "Intra-company Transferee"

 Representative of Branch ---- "Intra-company Transferee" or "Investor/Business Manager"

 Representative of Subsidiary company ---- "Investor/Business Manager"

 A foreigner (except those falling under the category of "Investor/Business Manager") employed by such Representative Office, Branch or Subsidiary company will be "Intra-company Transferee" or other Status corresponding to his/her academic/work record and the nature of his/her work in Japan, such as " Humanities/International Services" "Engineer" etc.).


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